Developmental Pediatrician- Signs that Your Child Needs One

We had an interesting conversation at the office this week, we had Abby Martinez and her father, Guillermo of Martz Roofing Company discussing that a developmental pediatrician is a highly trained doctor with vast experience in identifying a wide range of behavioral and developmental differences in kids. That this professional can evaluate the overall development of a child, provide diagnosis, and even recommend appropriate treatment plans. 

Most parents know that they need a pediatrician to ensure the proper growth and development of their kids. But, what if they notice a significant delay in their development? Well, this shouldn’t be a reason to panic. The best approach is to seek the help of a developmental pediatrician. Here are signs that your child needs a reliable developmental pediatrician. 

Struggling with Eye Contact 

If a child shows their inability to make and probably maintain eye contact, they need the help of a developmental pediatrician. This may not be an immediate indicator of a problem. However, a baby should start following bright objects and lights at the age of 3 months. If your baby doesn’t show interest in such things, it could be a sign of autism or cognitive disorder. 

No Response to their Name 

If you call out the name of your child and they don’t respond, it could be a sign of a developmental issue. Maybe the child is losing their hearing ability or having a language problem. It could also be a sign of brain development issues, especially those relating to eyes and ears. Therefore, seek the help of a developmental pediatrician immediately. 

Delayed Motor and Speech Skills 

If a child exhibits delayed development in speech, language, and motor skills, or even thinking capacity, see a developmental pediatrician. Such issues could indicate that the child is having a mental growth issue. Proper pediatric care can help with speech impediments especially when detected early. 

Other signs that your child needs a developmental pediatrician include learning problems, regular behavior problems, and attention issues. A good pediatrician will help you solve such problems and enhance the proper growth of your child. 

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