Why a Mother May Love a Pediatrician More than Her Husband

To a man, this title can sound harsh. However, some mothers get more attachments with their children’s pediatricians than their husbands. A person that’s always calm, listening, playing with your child, and ready to ease their pain can compare to Prince Charming for most mothers. Here’s why a mother can love her child’s pediatrician more than her husband.

A Pediatrician Can Stop the Cry of a Child

While some fathers are good at this, pediatricians have a technique for performing this miracle even when a child has some discomfort. A mother can walk into a pediatrician’s office with a sour face and tired eyes after trying to stop a baby’s cry for hours. Miraculously, the baby can stop crying the moment the pediatrician holds it for a few minutes. And this can naturally prompt the mother to like the pediatrician.

A Pediatrician Encourages the Mother’s Questions

If a mother asks the husband many questions, he will tell her to stop nagging him. On the other hand, a pediatrician encourages a child’s mother to ask more questions. That’s because they want to understand the baby’s problem and recommend the best treatment. A pediatrician will ask the mother if she has more questions before leaving the office. If she compares her experience with her husband, she will undoubtedly want to spend more time with the baby and the pediatrician.

A Pediatrician is Always Ready to Help

Almost every mother has the phone number of their child’s pediatrician. And they can call the doctor at any time, including in the middle of the night, to find out if they can help with an urgent issue related to the kid’s health. Surprisingly, a pediatrician can’t be mad if the mother has a genuine and urgent reason for calling at that time.

Essentially, mothers want the best for their babies. Unfortunately, handling babies can be troublesome because a child can cry for no apparent reason. A pediatrician knows how to diagnose a child’s problem and provide the best treatment. And this impresses most mothers.

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