How to Ease Kids’ Fear at the Doctors Office

If your child has a meltdown when visiting the doctor, there are ways to soothe their anxiety and make it a less stressful experience. Most children fear visiting the doctor’s office. However, some kids are downright scared by the idea. The fear of the doctor’s office isn’t a new phenomenon considering that most kids do not like being handled by an unfamiliar person. Here are ways to make your child feel a little calmer and safer during their next visit.

Practice at Home

Before the scheduled visit to the doctor’s office, practice at home with toy tools that the pediatrician uses. Put a stethoscope around their ears and pretend you are listening to a stuffed animal breathe. Or have them practice opening their mouth for a diagnosis. Use fun language that the child understands, such as boo-boo, to symbolize a scar or discomfort.

Stay Close

Your child may feel vulnerable if they lie down on the table while the pediatrician towers over them. You can allow your child to sit on your lap and make them feel protected and safe. Doctors have no problem with this as long as the caregiver cuddles the kid.

Bring their Gadgets

You can bring your child’s tablet to keep them glued to their favorite cartoon as they undergo the checkup. In some cases, watching cartoons distract kids, which will go an extra mile in allowing the doctor to do a brief examination.

Offer a Reward

Form a habit that the kid can look forward to after each doctor’s visit. For instance, you can offer them their favorite meal or snack after visiting the doctor’s office. It could be a pizza, Carbonara, or even an ice lolly. Tell them they did such a good job.


Please help your child deal with doctor’s office fear by taking their feelings seriously and encouraging them to speak up about their fear at the doctor’s office. That way, your kids will eventually confront their fears at their pace and get over them with your support.

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