A Pediatrician’s Guide for a Healthy Trip with Your Baby

The idea of traveling with your kid can feel intimidating. However, this should not be the case when you have a pediatrician’s guide for a healthy trip with your baby. In fact, if you follow tips from your pediatrician, your experience will be wonderful for you and your baby.

Carry a Hand Sanitizer and Wash Hands Frequently

When you wash and sanitize hands frequently, you keep germs away. This is very important because it prevents you and your baby from getting sick. What’s more, when you wash and sanitize hands regularly, you don’t have to restrict your child during the vacation. You have more fun and peace of mind knowing that the sanitizer keeps germs away from the hands of your child.

Prepare Your Baby for the Trip with Good Sleep and a Healthy Diet

Getting enough sleep, exercising and eating right are three important principles for remaining healthy. Babies and kids play whenever they get a chance. However, food and sleep are sometimes not easy to get for babies. Therefore, start preparing for the trip at least 2 weeks by ensuring that your baby feeds properly and gets adequate sleep.

Encourage the Baby to Drink and Eat During Takeoff and Once You Land

Takeoff as well as landing can cause popping and ear pressure which can be lead to a serious discomfort. To avoid this, some people chew gums, others drink water, while some wriggle their jaws trying to equalize their ear pressure. Unfortunately, your baby may not be able to do any of these. Therefore, bottle feed or nurse the baby and encourage them to swallow. Sucking a pacifier can also help.

In addition to these tips, make sure that you know where to get your baby medical attention in case they need. Your pediatrician can also recommend health requirements for your child depending on your destination. Nevertheless, though the trip with your baby can be challenging, make sure that you enjoy it together.

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